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Im a officially a man engaged to be married!!!

See the pictures of my lovely girlfriends parents in Henan, and se pictures of Spring in denmark in the photo gallery.




Long time! no see.....

Having endured a Chinese exam im finally free to do whatever i want ( that is until the beginning of our next semester in feb ) I had a couple of friends visiting and we once again went to the forbidden city! check out the pictures under the subject "blandet" in the billeder "category" or press here


Im stuck in the middle of exams so the time spent updating my page has been very limited these last couple of days. I have managed to take some snaps of our "last schoolday". The time was spent eating Korean Barbeque and drinking heavily. Needless to say my memory of this evening is somewhat foggy, but i do recall something about duelling with oranges, whatever that was all about?

To see the pictures check out "sidste skoledag" under "billeder" or press here


I have made a temporary index page for any englishspeaking visitors who might just happen to stumble on the site. Menus will still be in danish, but at least you now know what has actually been updated! I will provide necessary links for english visitors on this page.

Check out the latest pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They are to be found under the menu "billeder" ( pictures ) topic "juleaften". Otherwise just press here.





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